Your ACTIONsite™
Lead-Call Capture System
Is '12' Websites in '1'

You'd have to buy services from
12 different companies...

And pay hundreds of dollars a month...
to get what we give you 'under one roof'

Add up your savings below!


*All prices are rounded  
*all information gathered from visiting these websites or calling customer service on 11/20/06

There are 1000s of web designers and services for real estate agents. 
All of the ones indicated below have good reputations.

one Real Estate Agent Website $40.00
approximate monthly
two Lead-Call Capture $150.00
(monthly for 3 numbers)

(you get ‘3’ toll free numbers from us!)
888 5 BUY LOW

there Internet Email Marketing $40.00
approximate monthly

(Click on #3, #4, and #14 in your Control Panel)

four Designer Email $10.00
approximate monthly

(Click on #2 in your Control Panel)

five Buying and Selling Leads $25.00
approximate monthly

(Pre-pay one year and get FREE LEADS from our sister site,

six Efax $10.00
approximate monthly

(Click on #1 in your Control Panel)

seven Traffic-Building Agent Referral Service $50.00
approximate monthly

(Click on #35 in your Control Panel)

eight Agent to Agent Marketing $90.00
approximate monthly

(Click on #9 in your Control Panel and scroll to the ‘Top Marketing Agents’ Group)

nine Real Estate Training $25.00
approximate monthly

Amortized over 12 months, the cost for any of the programs below is approximately, $25.00 monthly.

(Logon and click on this link from your Control Panel:

Read how you can get all of this, FREE!

The 204 Greatest Closes of Real Estate
  Prospecting and Listing     Scripts
  FSBO Flip Chart
6 Audiotapes for Learning Dialogues
  • Floyd Wickman’s 101 Greatest Dialogues ($245.00)
  • Tom Hopkins' Real Estate Package ($255.95)
  • Mike Ferry’s High Volume Selling Training Program ($595.00)
ten Great Domain Name $100.00
approximate monthly

A ‘great domain name’ easily costs thousands of dollars. Just visit any of the links below, especially (type in ‘domains’). If you ‘amortized’ the purchase price of a great domain, monthly (over 5 years), you’d pay minimum = $100.00 monthly.

We loan you a great domain for merely the cost of the annual renewal fee charged to us by ($35).

nine Virtual Tour $40.00
  Logon to your Control Panel and click
on #6 ‘Send Virtual Talking Tour’

This website charges $40.00 for one virtual tour (they do NOT email it for you, as ‘we’ do!)

ten Secret Commission-Grabber Revealed! ......

But not here! Our competitors are reading this now! Just logon with your user name and password to learn about this awesome commission-grabber! Then click on #40 from your Control Panel.

To buy all 12 services from 12 other companies: Total Monthly, $575.00